Calm. Present. Focused.

New Zealand Spearfishing and Dive Gear

DIVETECH is the nautical brother to Huntech, and was begun in 2022 to better serve the spearfishing and diving market in New Zealand.

Oceans are an enormous part of New Zealand culture, and few places in the country can ever feel truly detached from their presence.

DIVETECH was created under the umbrella of Global Velocity Group (GVG), an apparel manufacturer based in New Zealand. At the time, GVG was the importer and distributor of Cressi, and the manufacturer of Immersed spearfishing gear, giving GVG’s Dive Division a thorough knowledge of diving and spearfishing. 

As well as utilising the expert knowledge of GVG’s Dive Division, GVG’s existing comprehensive manufacturing and distribution networks enabled DIVETECH to accelerate past the early hurtles and pitfalls so often fatal to a young brand.

At DIVETECH, we offer a wide range of dive gear, all of which is designed in-house – painstakingly sourced from top manufacturing facilities around the world, and ensuring you get quality gear without excess spending.

From wetsuits, hoods, and boots, to masks, fins, and tactical apparel, we have everything you need to take your diving and ocean adventuring to the next level. Our team of gear experts is always on hand to help you find the right gear for your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for choosing DIVETECH as your dive gear manufacturer. We’re proud to be part of your underwater exploration and look forward to continuing to provide you with innovative and reliable gear for years to come.

Our Vision

To describe the DIVETECH vision in a single sentence, it would be: calm, present, focused. This is the mental state needed to perform your best when immersing yourself in the water and facing the great unknown.

Our Mission is to design technical and modern diving gear that performs to the best standards, keeps our divers safe at all times, and makes marine adventures accessible for a wide range of clients without sacrificing on quality.

The ocean is a tremendous part of New Zealand’s cultural identity, and we hold more divers per capita than almost any other country on earth. In light of this, a respect for mother nature Is critical to the value of DIVETECH. We utilize sustainable thinking through our gear selections and packaging, making the best possible call to minimize our impact without reducing or compromising on the quality or longevity of our gear. 

The goal of DIVETECH is to bring high quality and affordable gear to market in order to encourage as any adventurous souls as possible to embrace the ocean as their playground. We’re keen to use our unusual vantage point at the far side of the world to help produce and manufacture unique gear that can cater to the equally unique needs of our South Pacific hunting grounds.

Contact with the water brings a natural respect for nature, and whether just starting out, or a seasoned spearo veteran, we look to provide the fit-for-purpose gear needed to keep you safe in the water and always ready for the next adventure.