Want ultimate comfort whilst diving? Here’s a short ‘how to’ on mask comfort

Step 1: Take a Look at Your Face
First things first, head on over to a mirror and take a good look at your lovely face. Is it narrow or wide? Are your eyes close together or wide apart? What about your nose? Is it on the bigger or smaller side? And don’t forget to check the space under your nose, right above your lip.

Step 2: Try on Some Masks
Now, it’s time to play dress-up! Get your hands on a bunch of quality masks with a good amount of silicone in the skirt (that’s the part that seals to your face). Instead of getting caught up in all the fancy features, just pick one that seems like it might suit the shape of your face.

Step 3: The Suction Test
Assuming the mask feels like a good fit, but still with the strap over the top (not on your head yet), place the mask on your face, give it a gentle press, take a little inhale through your nose to create a suction, and then let go with your hands. If the mask stays in place without you continuing to inhale, you’re on the right track.

Step 4: Strap In
So far, so good? Awesome! Now try putting the mask on with the strap around your head. It should create a snug, airtight fit with only slight pressure from the strap. To really test it out, move the frame from left to right and press it against your face to simulate the pressure buildup before equalizing. Make sure the frame isn’t causing any uncomfortable pressure on your cheekbones, forehead, or the bridge of your nose. If it does, it might lead to headaches and soreness during your underwater adventures.

Step 5: Snorkel Time
Lastly, with your mask securely in place and the strap on your head, give it a real-world test. Pop a snorkel in your mouth and see how the seal holds up. You can even attach the snorkel to the strap and move your head around a bit. Most people forget this step when shopping for masks, but it’s important because using a snorkel can change the shape of your face and sometimes break the seal of certain masks. If that happens, no worries—just try another mask until you find the perfect fit. Happy snorkeling!


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