Remi’s Pro Tip: Unveiling the, truth! Is spitting in your mask a magical anti-fog solution or just a belief?

If you ever find your mask fogging up, your mates probably have told you that a bit of spit would sort it out… Well, they may have had a point. While you shouldn’t forget about the anti-fog spray or toothpaste …in the case of nothing else better, just spit in your mask! I know it sounds a bit odd, but trust me, it works a treat.

Here is why:

The temperature difference inside and outside the mask causes water vapour to condense on the glass, creating the fog, the same effect as on your car windscreen on a fresh morning. Spitting on the inside of the mask before you dive cleans your lenses, reduces asperity for the droplets to form-on, and messes with the water’s ability to form condensation.

It’s not just about moisture; it’s the science of saliva.

There are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules present in saliva, and these decrease the attraction forces between water molecules, lowering the water’s surface tension.

In a nutshell Saliva contains stuff that alters how water behaves on surfaces. So it reduces the forces that make those little foggy drops, making them spread out instead. The result? You can see through flat water than droplets. Pretty simple when you think about it.

So, the next time someone gives you grief for spitting in your mask, just tell them it’s one of the secrets to seeing the underwater world like a pro.

Yours In Diving Excellence,
Remi Mathieu
Dive Division Manager

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